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Base Map Layer

Users who have permission rights to access the Signage Add On will also be given access to OS MasterMap.
When the map is zoomed in beyond an appropriate threshold (1:1,250) the base map automatically toggles from the standard Google road map to display OS MasterMap.

Google road map view:
google map
OS MasterMap view:

Measuring tools

Users can measure distances on the map using a measuring tool. The measuring tool helps to ensure the positioning of signage is correct. For more information refer to Traffic Signs Manual, Chapter 8 or Safety at Street Works and Road Works Code of Practice Red Book for specific guidance.

The measuring tools are located on the bottom left side of the map. Measure Distance, Area and delete measurements.
measuringMeasure using a line for distance
distanceDraw a polygon to get the area measurement in meter square (m2)
meters square

Step 2 –  Traffic Management

Users can outline the works area or footprint onto the map, either as a point, line or polygon. This function stores the works footprint and makes it available to SAP as the coordinates for the works.

Begin by selecting Add Footprint, Signs & Traffic Management drop down menu

Works Footprint

Select the ‘Works footprint’ option from the drop down list.
There are three options to draw a footprint:

  • Draw point – The user can plot a single location on the map
  • Draw line –  Click on the map the start point and end point of the works footprint.
  • Draw polygon – Click on the map the points of your polygon. Close the Polygon my double clicking.
  • Add the works footprint by selecting the green ‘Add’. The footprint will save and the icon will appear.add




  • To add signs, go back to Add Footprint, Signs & Traffic Management.
    Select the ‘Signs’ option from the drop down list.
  • Users can select predefined Signage icons and place them on the map.Select the relevant icons for your TM Plan.
    signs 1
  • Edit the location of a sign by selecting it and dragging it to the appropriate position.
    Rotate the signs by clicking within the box above the Sign. Hold and rotate the sign to the desired angle.
    Click the red ‘X’ within the sign to ‘Remove’
  • Name the ‘Signs’ an appropriate name and ‘Add’
  • Add as many layers of signage that the Traffic Management Plan requires.


Users can label the map and signage icons, enabling road names to be made clearer where necessary, indicating bespoke signage, and other necessary annotation.

  • Choose the ‘label’ option from the drop down list.
  • Add the relevant details for the label and
    label 1
  • Click on the map to position it. Users can move the arrow head and sign around the map to the desired location.
    label 3


Help & Guidance

Refer to the ‘Help’ option at the top right of the menu and access the ‘Red Book Guidance’ and ‘Pink Book (PVS) Guidence’

help guides

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