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 roadworks.org FAQ’s
Who do I contact to get more information about a work showing on roadworks.org?

The information displayed within each information works panel is provided by the Local Authorities that the work is being undertaken within or from the Utility companies themselves.
The information works panel when open tells you who is responsible for the works and where the data is being taken from.
To gain more information about the works you will need to contact the Local Authority or Works promoter directly.

There is work being done which is affecting me directly but not displayed on the map, who do I contact?

As all information is the responsibility of the Local Authority, if a work is missing which you believe should be displayed on the map, please contact your Local Authority first.
If the work is genuinely missing, the Local Authority will contact us directly to resolve the display issue.

Where does the information on the map come from?

All information is extracted directly from the streetworks registers of Local Authorities, Utility Companies, Highways England or TFL.
The Data source is displayed at the bottom of the Information Works Panel.

How up to date is the information on roadworks.org?

Our adaptors update between every 5 mins to half an hour.
Visit our Data Matrix to find out more information

How can I find out which information my Local Authority is displaying on roadworks.org?

Our Data Matrix displays which Local Authorities are displaying which information.

I’ve noticed Road Closures and Diversion routes displayed in some areas, there is work happening in my area but there is no information on roadworks.org?

Closures and Diversions are displayed on roadworks.org by our premium subscribing customers.
To find out if your Local Authority are view our Data Matrix

I am viewing roadworks.org on my mobile/ tablet, why do I see blue triangles with question marks?

Local Authorities which are not premium subscribers to our portal, do not have the ability to display their works on mobile devices.
To view works which are happening  for only today in these areas, please access this via desktop.

Where does the data for the Live traffic congestion data layer come from?

We use an API to gain access to the Google Live traffic Data which is then displayed as its own layer on roadworks.org.
We unfortunately do not have any control over this data, this includes the road closure symbols.

I’ve set up an email alert but I would no longer like to receive these, how do I unsubscribe?

Simply find an alert which has been sent through to you previously. At the bottom of this alert there is an ‘unsubscribe’ hyperlink. Select this and your alert will no longer be active.

I need to amend my email alert, can I do this?

Once your email has been set, unfortunately there is no way to update the alert.
This includes the area searched and set, or the email address which you have used to register.
A new alert will need to be set up if you need to amend your alert.