Communications Management App

Rules Based Content


This is used to match roadworks to works categories by filtering on the EToN works reference number. For example, you might want all works where the works reference contains “SKIP” to display a message about skip licenses.

Some examples:

^XY25 matches any works ref beginning with “XY25”
^..25 matches any works ref where the third and fourth characters are “25”
B10$ matches any works ref ending “B10”
SKIP matches any works ref containing “SKIP” (uppercase only)
[Ss][Kk][Ii][Pp] matches any works ref containing “SKIP” (uppercase or lowercase)

You can find a good tutorial on using regular expressions here.

Note: You can add many works categories and works will be assigned to the first category in the list where its works ref matches the filter rule. You can reorder the works categories by dragging them up or down the list.