About Us

At Elgin we harvest, aggregate and communicate data relating to road incidents. We collect data from Local Authorities’ streetworks systems automatically, remotely and securely and then publish the information on roadworks.org. The data is updated every few minutes and we currently publish over 2.5 million roadworks records annually.

roadworks.org is a communications hub for live and planned road and traffic information.

In 2014 we launched two new innovative cloud based tools to support traffic professionals (works promoters and Local Authorities) and other organisations to undertake road, traffic and event management activities Traffic Management App & Communications Management App.

Traffic Management App (TM App)

The TM App has been developed to enable road closures and diversion routes to be created in seconds in one seamless 3-step process: Locate – Plot – Publish and published instantly to a wide variety of websites and public portals.

The Traffic Management App transforms the way temporary traffic regulation orders (TTROs) are created and how road closures and diversions are communicated to the public.

Communications Management App (CM App)

The Communications Management App allows traffic professionals and works promoters (both Local Authorities and Utilities) to customised, enhance and widely communicate their statutory roadworks notices, which are often uninformative to the public and written in technical streetworks jargon.

Users can access the statutory information through our simple content management system and update works descriptions; contact details; feedback facilities; attach PDF documents providing additional details about works and schemes; link to multimedia resources like on-line videos, and even add real-time information updates on the progress of works.

The CM App represents a step-change in the way that roadworks information is communicated and published.

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